Crediting of Subject/s

  1. The student shall write and email a letter of request to the Dean/Chairperson asking to grant credit to certain subject/s, together with attachment of filled-up Request For Course Accreditation (F-REG-323), and secure approval.
  2. The student shall attach a copy of his/her semestral grade.*
  3. The Dean/Chairperson shall endorse the request to the Office of the Registrar for processing upon approval.
  4. The student will receive a notification of approved and processed request.

*If the student is admitted as a transferee and applies for additional credits, he/she must attach the scanned copy his/her of Transcript of Records for reference.

Contact Information

Office of the University Registrar
Adamson University
900 San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila 1000.

Tel. Nos. 8525-7013
524-2011 (extension 129, 100, 133)
Fax No.: 8522-5526