Registrar - Graduation

Policies on Graduation

As a general rule, no student should be allowed to graduate unless he or she complies with all academic, non-academic and other requirements imposed by the University for Graduation. This means obtaining passing grades in all subjects in the curriculum, compliance with the National Service Training Program (NSTP) requirements and completion of all admission requirements including the Form-137-A or Official Transcript of Records (TOR) from the school of last attendance and PSA Certificate of Live Birth.*

  • A student who expects to graduate in a given semester is required to apply for an evaluation of his/her academic records two months before the end of the school term that’s prior to the semester of his/her graduation.
  • A candidate for graduation must file an official application for his/her graduation with the Office of the Registrar before the midterm examination of his/her last semester in school.
  • Other requirements

    • In general, a minimum of one school year residency with 36 units of credit and 2/3 of the work in the major field must have been completed at Adamson University. Particular departments have certain special requirements.
    • A statement of clearance from all financial obligations with the University.
    • A statement of clearance from OSA-Discipline that the student concerned has no pending civil, disciplinary or administrative case.
    • Student is required to attend the graduation recollection, community immersion, job fair, exit interview, scheduled orientation and any other requirements as may be prescribed by the University.**
    • Payment of graduation fee as included in the final assessment must be settled.

*During the quarantine period, a student with non-academic deficiency/ies (F-137, PSA Birth Certificate, Transcript of Records, clearances) shall be informed by the Registrar’s Office via Adamson email.

**Graduation activities like community immersion, job fair, exit interview, graduation orientation and recollection are suspended. However, there will still be a webinar on career development.

Procedures (Quarantine Period)

  • Fill-up the Application for Graduation Form (F-304) which can be downloaded from the University Website, and submit to the respective department/college on or before April 8, 2022.
  • Coordinate with IDEA Office at for the schedule of picture taking on the studio by May 15
  • If the student cannot attend a photo session in the studio, he/she may opt to submit a 4x6(4R) half-body picture in complete academic regalia (w/o cap) taken in a grey background for the graduation picture flashed during Commencement Rites, and a 2x2 picture in academic regalia (no cap) taken in white background for the Transcript of Records. These will have to be submitted to the IDEA Office email.

Policies on Honors and Awards

  • Students who garnered a general weighted average given in the table below and with no grade lower than 2.5 shall be awarded the Academic honors.
    Academic Honor GWA Requirement
    Summa Cum Laude < 1.24
    Magna Cum Laude < 1.49
    Cum Laude < 1.74
  • To qualify for honors the student must meet the following conditions:
    • Is a regular student taking 100% of the regular semestral load.
    • Has not failed nor dropped any subject.
    • Has not been charged of any disciplinary case.
    • Is a transferee accepted with zero credit
    • Is a working student/Ozanam grantee who finishes the course within the prescribed number of years plus one year without leave of absence
  • Academic merit award shall be awarded to a student who garnered the required General Weighted Average (GWA) but with deviation/s.
  • A transferee should have at least taken 75% of the required credits in his course to qualify for an academic merit award.

Contact Information

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