About Adamson University

Adamson University has endured the tests of history, first as a Greek-run school and then as a Catholic and Vincentian institution. It has emerged academically richer and stronger, accumulating layers of knowledge and experience that sustain its mission to provide education—the kind that meets stringent standards of quality yet affordable to those who have less. Now beyond its Diamond Jubilee, it confidently and ably plays its role as an agent of personal as well as social transformation.

A Brief History of Adamson University

Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist from Athens, founded the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry (ASIC) on June 20, 1932 to train young men and women along the lines of practical industrial chemistry. It started as a one-classroom school that evolved into the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering (ASICE) on February 19, 1936. Upon approval by the Secretary of Public Instruction of its application for university status on February 5, 1941, it became known as Adamson University (AdU).

About the President

Fr. Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM, Ph.D., S.Th.D., is the 7th President and 3rd alumnus President of Adamson University. A member of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) in the Philippines and a theologian by profession, Fr. Pilario, born in Hagdan, Oslob, Cebu, brings a wealth of experience, scholarship, and a commitment to social justice.

Reflecting on his vocation, Fr. Pilario's childhood dreams of becoming a priest evolved into a profound commitment to Vincentian values. Despite initial struggles due to financial constraints, his parents supported his calling. His journey led him to the Redemptorists before joining the Vincentians, driven by a vision to work with marginalized communities, aligning with St. Vincent's original mission.

President's Corner

The "President's Corner" serves as a platform for the University President to share his messages during significant events, emphasize the mission, vision, and core values, and reflect on pivotal milestones. This section also outlines the president's leadership philosophy and serves as a medium for active community engagement, fostering stakeholder unity and purpose.

St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is the founder of the Congregation of the Mission and patron saint of Adamson University. He is known as the Great Apostle of Charity.

Vision and Mission


Adamson University, a Catholic, Vincentian educational institution, is a recognized leading center for quality education particularly for the socially disadvantaged.


As a Catholic University, we diligently pursue truth and knowledge, inspired by Gospel values and guided by the teachings of the Church;

As a Vincentian community, we inspire others to follow the example of St. Vincent de Paul , who led and organized his contemporaries in creatively responding to those who are in need;

As an institution of learning, we assist in the formation of competent, creative and socially responsible leaders through our commitment to excellence in discovery, learning and service;

As a catalyst of social transformation, we provide quality services that empower others to become agents of change.

Data Privacy Notice

Adamson University (herein referred to as “Adamson”, “the University”, “we”) collects and processes personal information and sensitive personal information relating to its stakeholders, majority of which are from students - to be able to manage our operations and to provide the needed services of our clients. This Privacy Notice is our way of ensuring our data subjects that our activities involving the collection and/or use of personal data are being performed in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) and our commitment that we respect individual’s rights to privacy.

Core Values


List of the current President, Vice Presidents, College Deans, Directors, and other administrators of the University.

An Adamsonians Prayer

Adamson Hymn