Security and Safety Services


The Office for Security and Safety (OSS) was formerly known  as the Discipline and Security Section (DSS) under the Office for Pastoral Affairs (OPA), later named as the Office for Student Affairs (OSA). By virtue of Memorandum No. 31, 2002, OSS was elevated to the status of an office under the auspices of the Vice President for Administration (VPA). on April 16, 2015, OSS merged with the Physical Facilities Office under the section campus and safety.


The office for Security And Safety, a service department of Adamson University, is committed to providing a secure, safe, and peaceful educational milieu that is conducive with the employment, learning, and the total well-being of the members of the community.


Our mission in attaining and maintaining our vision is to work in  partnership with the Adamson University community to provide professional, effective, and public safe services.