Campus Ministry


Nature and Function

Campus Ministry is an apostolate of service to the entire university community by proclaiming the Gospel and its values, by building and strengthening a community of faith, by providing care and concern for persons, by celebrating the liturgical life of the community and by integrating and appropriating the mandate of the of the church to the policy and decision-making process of the university. It is in the Campus Ministry that the encounter between the Church and the University world takes place.

As part of person’s integral development , Campus Ministry provides activities, plans and program that value and faith formation and growth in spiritual life. These programs exemplified by the Spirit of St. Vincent De Paul aim at creating a Catholic and Vincentian culture within the campus.

The Campus Ministry Office (CMO) is a special place in the university where every Adamsonian may experience belongingness, affirmation, reconciliation, friendship and spiritual renewal. It organizes and facilities activities that foster a sense of community and healing so that one may experience God’s love and compassion.

The Campus Ministry Office performs liturgical, pastoral, counseling, educational, prophetic and organizational functions. CMO programs and activities include liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations, recollections and retreats, psycho-spiritual, social and pastoral formations, advocacies, reception of sacraments, assistance to popular missions, vocations promotions, catechesis, popular devotions and prayers, seminars and forums on religious issues, youth activities and vincentian spirituality.



A community of disciples, living and sharing the faith, following the steps of St. Vincent De Paul.


We are a community of disciples… we live our Christian faith as individuals and as a community. We celebrate the liturgy and the sacraments, and provide meaningful programs for the spiritual growth, value formation and personal and social transformation.

We live and share our faith… we are called to share our faith by journeying with people and by joyful witnessing and touching people's’ lives. We form evangelizers through the proclamation of the Word, Christian instruction, the celebration of the sacraments and reaching out to others especially the poor.

Following the example of St. Vincent… The life and example of St. Vincent animates our lives and programs. We are particularly inspired by his love for the poor, his trust in Divine providence, his gentleness and his persevering zeal for the integral salvation of all.