Office for Athletic and Development


The office of Athletics and Recreation (OAR) is dedicated to empower and inspire student-athletes’ greatest potentials by being catalyst for action, utilizing unique abilities and talents, displaying sports ethics, and maintaining positive and winning attitude.


To assist in the holistic development of every student-athlete

To provide opportunities for student-athletes in pursuing intellect and athletics excellence, personal growth, career readiness and service to the community, especially the needy

To instill in student-athletes commitment to discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, loyalty, integrity, academic excellence, and social responsibility

To develop in every student-athlete self-worth, loyalty and pride of the University and its leads


To create an environment where the coaching staff, student-athletes and supporting staff can work together for the total development of student-athletes, and for the promotion of athletics in the University


  • Athletics/ Sports Development
    • Physical Training and Drills
    • Participation in Sports Competitions
    • Sports Clinics
    • Sports Psychology
  • Academic Development
    • Tutorial Services or Academic Advising
    • Special Classes for Student-Athletes
  • Personal Development
    • Personality Development
    • Leadership Training
    • Career Talks
    • Socialization
  • Spiritual and Moral Development
    • Retreats and Recollection
    • Regular
  • Community Services
    • Outreach Programs