Student Affairs and Services

The Office for Student Affairs performs the dual functions of an administrative and a service office toward the realization of the vision-mission of the University. As an administrative entity, it implements policies, rules, and regulations of the University, as well as those of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), academic regulatory bodies, and other relevant laws with respect to:

  • Students' general conduct, behavior, and discipline; and
  • Student Recognized Organizations (RSOs), their programs, forums, and activities.

As a service office, it serves and looks after the interests of students.

The Director for Student Affairs carries out the administrative functions of the office with and through the services rendered by its two sections for Student Discipline and the Student Development.


The Office for Student Affairs commits to the holistic formation of students as Vincentians through relevant policies, programs, and services inspired by the Core Values, the 3Cs, and the Vision and Mission of the University


  • To provide and implement policies, programs, and service toward the integral and holistic development of students as agents of social transformation
  • To provide opportunities for personal and leadership development of students, responsive to the challenges of the times and for their professional readiness
  • To inculcate the values of discipline, love of country, professionalism, and charity to the needy