Chemistry Laboratory


The Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory is a world-class instructional and research laboratory known for its state-of-the-art scientific equipment and facilities, as well as its quality scientific and technical support services that caters the needs of all the stakeholders of the University. Moreover, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory is known as a leading provider of quality analytical laboratory services for educational institutions (e.g. secondary and tertiary), with preference towards the socially disadvantaged.


The Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory prides itself as one of the largest and most fully-equipped laboratories for Chemistry instruction and research in the Philippines. As one of the major laboratories in the University, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory is mandated to:

  • Work hand-in-hand with the Chemistry Department in providing quality laboratory services in support of not only the BS Chemistry program, but to all STEM-related programs and courses (secondary and tertiary) of Adamson University;
  • Ensure the proper operation, periodic maintenance and calibration, as well as the up-to-date acquisition of state-of-the-art scientific equipment in response to the instructional and research requirements of the BS Chemistry program as well as the other STEM-related programs and courses (secondary and tertiary) of Adamson University;
  • Ensure the compliance of Adamson University with regards to laboratory safety, chemical storage, and chemical waste management as mandated by various laws and local ordinances;
  • Assist the University in implementing the rules set by IATF-CHED-DOH with regards to on-site laboratory classes, in the event that such guidelines are released;
  • Provide quality analytical laboratory services at a reasonable price to external clientele, with preference to socially-disadvantage students from public secondary schools and state universities/colleges;
  • Assist faculty members in providing quality laboratory training/instruction and in ensuring the safety of students during laboratory sessions;
  • Participate in community extension activities spearheaded by ICES or by the College of Science. 

History of Chemistry Laboratory

Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist from Athens, founded the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry (ASIC) on June 20, 1932 to train young men and women along the lines of practical industrial chemistry. ASIC was open for admission to students who completed elementary and high school education. On July 1, 1932, with 42 students, the first class started. By August 1, a second class had to open and in 3 months, 200 students were enrolled. The curriculum initially is purely about lecture routine and demonstration groundwork. By January 1933, the chemical and industrial laboratory was opened, and the first batch of students began practical work. On February 19, 1936, ASIC became the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering (ASICE). Almost five years later, ASICE was upgraded to Adamson University (AdU) upon the approval of the Secretary of Public Instruction.

Since the 1980’s, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory has been situated at the Ozanam Building along Romualdez St. It was once regarded as the biggest laboratory in Asia, which occupies a floor space of 2,000 m2. Today, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory is still an open laboratory, which can cater a maximum of seven (7) sections with 45 students simultaneously performing different experiments. Long workbenches are equipped with water and gas lines, as well as individual lockers for students. State-of-the-art pieces of equipment are housed in the three Instrumentation Rooms, with the various weighing balances housed in its own room. Chemical reagents are kept in stockrooms properly maintained by registered chemical technicians to ensure the quality, safe handling and disposal of these substances. Special precautions are taken for the storage and handling of chemical reagents regulated by the PNP, PDEA, and DENR-EMB, whose respective permits are managed by the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory for the use of the whole University. It is also equipped with adequate and properly-maintained safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency showers, eyewash stations, chemical spill kits, and first-aid stations to ensure the safety of all those working inside the laboratory. To date, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory is working towards the approval of its Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Board of Chemistry – Professional Regulation Commission in compliance to R.A. 10657 (Chemistry Profession Act of 2015).

It has always been the priority of the University to equip the Chemistry Laboratory with the latest equipment and complete set of glasswares and apparatus for use in instruction and research. Today, aside from providing the basic needs for the thousands of students who use the laboratory every year, the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory now provides quality analytical laboratory services to external clientele for a reasonable price.