Security and Safety Services - Services

1.   Provides 24/7 Campus Security and Safety services.

2.   Implements and enforces University policies, rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to security and safety such as:

a. Personnel access and identification cards for University personnel, students, non-organic personnel, and visitors.

b. Vehicular control and access.

c. Entry/exit and transfer of materials, equipment, and properties.

3.   Monitors events and activities conducted on the campus.

4.   Performs security and safety surveys and evaluations.

5.   Conducts investigations on reported complaints, complaints, crimes, and incidents.

6.   Plans and prepares response to emergencies such as fire, earthquake, accidents, and  other incidents.

7.   Conducts orientations and seminars pertaining to safety, peace, and order in the campus.

8.    Coordinates with the Adamson University community, government agencies, non-government (NGO’s), and other schools  pertaining to campus security and safety.

Lost and Found

Any found or unclaimed property can be turned in to the Lost and Found Section ST Security Office and kept for safekeeping up to sixty (60) days until they claimed. Unclaimed cash will be donated to the university scholarship or the Bridge Program. Other useful unclaimed items will be donated to the Integrated Extension Services (ICES).