Klasmeyt Powers: An Adamsonian’s lasting community spirit

Date Posted: May 27, 2024 at 01:20 PM

In a world where technology has made everyone more connected yet somehow more isolated, genuine human connections can seem increasingly rare. Yet, sometimes, these connections manifest in the most unexpected moments, showcasing the enduring bonds formed during our formative years. This was beautifully illustrated in a recent social media post by Novie Lim, an alumna of Adamson University's Psychology program, who recounted a heartwarming encounter that highlights the profound sense of community fostered at her alma mater.

Novie's day started like any other, but a minor oversight turned it into a small crisis. She had forgotten to withdraw cash and found herself short of money for transportation. With no ATM in sight, stress began to mount. Standing in line, she scanned the crowd, hoping to spot a familiar face, but saw none. The prospect of asking a stranger for help seemed daunting, given the prevalent fear of scams. Resigned to her predicament, she was about to leave the queue to search for an ATM when something caught her eye—a familiar blue ID adorned with a Psychology lace from Adamson University.

In a moment of spontaneity and hope, Novie called out, "Klasmeyt!" The person turned around, and Novie quickly explained her situation. There was no need for elaborate explanations or justifications; the response was immediate and understanding. "Klasmeyt ka rin?" the fellow alum asked. Upon confirming she was a graduate, the stranger did not hesitate to help. Novie found herself comfortably seated on her journey, thanks to the simple yet powerful connection shared between "klasmeyts."

Reflecting on the encounter, Novie shared, "The moment I saw the ID, I felt confident to ask. I can’t fully explain but there’s this feeling of familiarity when you see a fellow classmate in another place outside Adamson."

"To add up sa story ko, the line moved the moment I asked her so we had to walk steps forward away from each other in the middle of our conversation but I remember her shouting from afar na 'Lapit ka lang sa akin later!' while I was setting up my GCash kasi yung extra cash nya was beyond what I was initially asking...It was really an experience to remember kasi in a setting na super uncomfortable ka, matagal ka nang nakapila sa mainit at masikip na lugar, the last thing you want is someone bothering you for something na hindi mo naman fault. Pero there’s this klasmeyt who went out of her way to help you kaya it was really heartwarming," she continued.

This incident is not an isolated case for Novie. She fondly recalls several instances where random encounters with fellow Adamson University alumni led to unexpected acts of kindness and support. "Ilang beses na rin akong natulungan ng random klasmeyts even after grad," she shares. "Iba yung sense of community na tinuro niyo sa amin."

Novie recounted two particularly impactful experiences.

"There was a time when my aunt had to undergo surgery during the pandemic so it was really a rough time. I have set up an online fundraising activity and I recall one specific klasmeyt whom I have not shared classes with nor have I met in real life. He messaged me by sending a screenshot of a bank transaction. Along with a note na he was apologizing kasi ‘it was not much’ kasi he paid bills, if he had a slight idea na a klasmeyt would be in need he would have held back muna para he could give more. I was really moved at that time."

"I also had other klasmeyts help me during those times even though we have not been in contact much after graduation," she added.

Another significant moment came when she faced professional challenges during the pandemic.

"Where I am now professionally is something that I partially owe to fellow klasmeyts as well. During the pandemic, I was one of the many employees whose jobs were heavily affected. Luckily, a klasmeyt whom I have known through our Campus Ministry Office helped me out by encouraging me to join his team. I got in, learned a lot, and when it was time for me to explore another field, all I had to do was reach out and a klasmeyt shared another opportunity for me."

Novie stressed, "It seems natural -- posting jobs for others -- but for me, they did more than that. To have people who believe in your skills and capabilities and hype you up—that’s klasmeyt culture right there."

Adamson University's emphasis on community and camaraderie goes beyond the classroom. The institution's culture fosters lasting bonds among its students, creating a network of individuals who are ready to support one another long after graduation. This strong sense of community is a testament to the university's commitment to nurturing not just academically proficient individuals but also compassionate and socially responsible members of society.

Novie's story is a reminder of the powerful connections that educational institutions can create. In a time where social isolation can feel pervasive, such stories highlight the importance of community and the enduring impact of shared experiences. Adamson University, through its culture of mutual support and solidarity, has evidently succeeded in cultivating a lasting legacy of kindness and camaraderie among its alumni.

Reflecting on her experiences, Novie expressed, "Like any other freshman, I was also puzzled at first as to why everyone was calling me klasmeyt during my first few days at Adamson. But over time, calling someone klasmeyt felt like belongingness. Belonging in a way that no matter which program you enrolled to, at the end of the day when you meet someone with the same ID lace as you, you still get to call them “klasmeyt” even without knowing their names.”

"I thought that would end after I graduate, but even outside AdU, I feel a jolt of excitement whenever I know someone in the workplace who went to Adamson or in my case in times of need I know that a klasmeyt is just one ‘Uy klasmeyt, help!’ away."

To non and future Adamsonians, she offers a glimpse into what makes the University special:

"All universities out there will always promote that they have structured programs and competent professors. [Of course,] we have that here [at Adamson, too.] But I think what sets Adamson University apart is the sense of belongingness it will give you and the klasmeyts you’ll meet along the way."