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Bridge Program

A dramatic encounter of the University President with a student in 2008 paved the way for one of Adamson University’s landmark educational assistance programs.

The lesson of that chanced encounter with a student who quit school on his final semester due to financial constraint has prompted Fr. Gregorio Banaga to personally push for the establishment of a program to address that problem.

Called Bridge Program, it is rooted in the idea of finding feasible ways through third party sponsorships that bridges the gap. That results into a worry-free and smooth schooling for cash-strapped but smart students in their advance college years.

The whole concept hinges on the idea of negating the notion that education is a privilege. While not as encompassing as the other scholarships, the timing carries dramatic results that are of great impact to the lives of the beneficiaries. It also proves how collaboration between individuals and organizations could translate to more achievable corporate social responsibility strategies through a more meaningful and lasting manner.

The University is trying to negate the notion of a privileged education that is only for the rich. It is a credo embedded in the soul of Vincentian education that strives to shatter that myth. In its own little but judicious way, the Bridge Program goes to the core of human experience founded on charity, humanness and selflessness.

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