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Fun Run

A healthy body is a requisite of healthy mind. A large number of people in the Adamson University Community recognizes this in various ways and is ardently promoting it outside and inside its campus.

As a way of pushing this agenda, the University holds annual Fun Runs coinciding with its every Founding Anniversary celebration. The annual event usually draws big crowd of people including administrators, faculty members, employees, students and others who are drawn to its festive atmosphere.

Adamson University is employing this means to help raise funds as well for such as scholarships, medical assistance, educational assistance and other worthwhile causes. Participants and donors are enjoined to participate in these Fun Runs not only as a form of charitable action but as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle in a more dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere. It is also one way of cementing Vincentian bond among the members of the Community. Others may discover the whole event as opportunity for immersion in a kindred and highly spirited crowd for a momentarily escape from the daily doldrums of life. Like the greater goal embedded in every fund-raising activity of the School, it also promoted a culture of giving rooted deep at the very core of Adamson University’s mission as an educational center for the marginalized sector of the society.

Companies and organizations wanting to sponsor and become part of this activity are afforded a chance in identifying and pushing their individual or corporate agenda with relevant and meaningful endeavors especially in social responsibility. The Fun Run is drawing an increasing number of attendees annually which provides greater exposure for products and events that companies or organizations are pushing.

Meanwhile, individuals get overall satisfaction from being part of an activity that embraces both the joy of being physically fit and spiritually uplifting through a selfless gesture for a worthy cause.

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