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The frenzied race to social equity has been the driving force why schools offer open scholarships. There is a resigned acceptance that education is costly and those talented but poor students stand no chance of gaining access to reputable schools.

Adamson University is quick to provide an access to these scholarships recognizing the social disparity that puts poor students on a disadvantage position. It is a guarantee of support for them who may end up unschooled and perpetually condemned to poverty if no measure is taken to uplift them. Students who have shown dedication, hard work and excellence in their academic performance are granted scholarships including free tuition fees and other benefits. This ensures that their studies are uninterrupted so they could sustain their exemplary performance.

Towards this end, the University has opened up various scholarships that address this concern.

The very familiar Ozanam Study Grant Program (OSGP) has been the banner scholarship program of the University that has seen success over the decades. Named after one of the Catholic Church’s famous Scholar Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam, he founded the Society of St. Vincent de Paul that pushes, among others, the idea of social equity. Indigent beneficiaries in the past had rebuilt their lives to become productive catalysts of their respective family’s liberation from poverty to gainful employment here and abroad. The goal of the scholarship is all too evident in its simple requirement for admission to the grant – being a member of a poor family.

Under the OSGP, students are imbibed the values of hard work, spirituality, and conscientious duty which usher them early to become competent professionals later. For intellectually-gifted high school graduates, valedictorians and salutatorians are respectively awarded 100% and 50% scholarships for one school year under the entrance scholarship program. In addition, college students who meet the required General Weighted Average for academic discount on top of qualifying in the other University-imposed conditions are provided 100%, 75% and 50% off their tuition fee every semester. Classified as an academic scholarship, it is Adamson University’s way of encouraging students to do well in their studies.

The University believes in the holistic development of students. For students who are inclined to athletics, there is the Athlete Scholarship that grants full tuition fee exemption to those who qualify with the conditions. The chance provides the beneficiaries an avenue to realize their real athletic potential through competitive sports.

An interested student has a choice in the various events like basketball, volleyball, baseball, judo, softball, badminton, table tennis, track and field, chess and judo where they could imbibe the values of hard work, sportsmanship, team spirit and diligence.

The same opportunity to avail of 100%, 50% or 25% discount in tuition fee is also granted to members of the Adamson University Pep Squad which also seeks to recruit highly-spirited students that could personify the true qualities of a Falcon that is loyal and talented.

For musically inclined individuals, their passion to play certain instruments could land them a free scholarship through membership in the University Band.

While these scholarships come with perks, they also come with a responsibility that requires them to maintain a General Weighted Average to continue enjoying them.

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