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Never a stranger to its own initiatives that push hardworking but poor students to cross the social barrier towards gainful means, Adamson University is jumpstarting a program to sustain its charitable endeavors through a ‘culture of giving” that perpetuates the very core of its foundation as a learning institution.

Armed with a burning dream to lift young and bright minds from abject poverty, a sizable number of these struggling students have to confront the prospect of quitting school head on over their inability to sustain it financially in the long term. These dreams ought not to be turned into a nightmare when people choose to turn their backs from them. The program aims to solicit support from key stakeholders like the alumni, philanthropists and organizations that share the same Vincentian spirit which espouses the virtue of charity being translated to donations to deserving but underprivileged students of the University.

Conceived to honor the past and incumbent Presidents of Adamson University, the President’s Club promotes the virtue of charity as a worthwhile project that is committed to the building of an ideal society rooted on a caring and humane spirit. Grandiose as the scheme may seem, the University’s philosophy pays paean to its humble and very noble beginning that its Greek founders pioneered in 1932 which the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers strengthened and institutionalized when they took over in 1964. Adamson University, in its role as an educational institution, is duty bound to act as an impetus in the inculcation of the value of sharing. It has always been its credo ever since it embraced the charitable works of its patron, St. Vincent de Paul, who had known himself the anguish of poverty in the street against the backdrop of an uncaring and dejected French society during his time.

Membership in the President’s Club affords an opportunity for donors to be at the center of the charitable actions of the University. More than the special plaques that will be awarded for their unselfish acts, it will become a testament to their commitment as selfless breed of men and women wanting to make a difference in the life of others. Essentially, they will be welcome and initiated into the dynamic life of a caring Community of administrators, faculty members, employees and students through their active participations in key school events. They will be ushered in as true member of the Vincentian family.

Memberships are broken down into various categories bearing the names of illustrious past and present University Presidents.

George Lucas Adamson Club Php 50,000 and up
Fr. Leandro Montana Club Php 25,000 - Php 49,999
Fr. Rolando Dela Goza Club Php15,000 - Php 24,999
Fr. Jaime Belita Club Php 10,000 – Php 14,999
Fr. Gregorio Banaga Club Php 6,000 – Php 9,999
Falcon Club Php 5,000

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