Library - Rules and Regulations

Library Users

The Library exists primarily to serve the library and information needs of the students and faculty of the University. Since it is designated for the use of all, it is necessarily operate within the framework of regulations. They are designated to facilitate rather than restrict the services of the library.

  • All bonafide students of Adamson University
  • Adamson University administrator, faculty and staff
  • Adamson University alumni with valid alumni ID (on-premise use only)
  • Visitors with referral letters and access fee (on-premise use only)
  • Vincentian community

Validation of Patron Status

Every opening of the semester, students are required to validate their patron status for them to borrow any library materials.

Requirements for validation:

  • Computerized schedule (original and photocopy)
  • Filled-up Patron Information Form
  • Adamson University ID

Library Conduct

To ensure that library services, materials and facilities are enjoyed by all, library users will refrain from:

  • Loud conversations and rowdy behavior
  • Damaging, defacing, or misusing Library materials, equipment or facilities.
  • Loitering, littering, smoking, sleeping, napping or dozing in or on library premises.
  • Relocating Library furniture or equipment without the permission of the Library staff
  • Possessing or consuming food or drink inside the Library;
  • No vandalism
  • Engaging in excessive or disruptive conversations, talking loudly, using personal electronic equipment at such a volume or making ongoing noise that is unreasonably disturbing to other library users.
  • Public displays of affection.
  • Harassing or threatening Library staff or users.
  • Charging of laptops (except at the designated area)

Violations of rules for library behavior could result in the patron (s) being asked to leave, security being called, and/or patron being barred from the library.

Use and Care of Library Materials/Property

The Library intends to serve all its students and faculty and staff members. Materials are to be shared for the common good, and the Library encourages users to use library materials/property carefully so that future users may also enjoy it.

  • Users damaging, defacing, mutilating any library material and property or misusing Library facility or its contents will be held responsible for necessary replacement/repair and subject to disciplinary action
  • Relocating Library furniture/equipment without the permission shall be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action

Referal Letter

A referral letter for students and faculty members planning to use the library resources of other institutions maybe requested at the Office of the Director of Libraries, Ground Floor, LM Building and can be claimed three (3) days from date of request free of charge.

Library Clearance

All Library obligations [overdue fines, unreturned materials, payment/ replacement of lost materials] must be settled before a clearance can be issued.

Visiting Users

  • As a general rule, all Library materials are for room-use only.
  • Users from other schools/institutions must present a referral letter from their Head Librarian.
  • Current company/institutions ID must be presented.
  • Maximum of four (4) hours of research per day.
  • Only four (4) researchers per school/company are allowed per day.
  • An access fee of PhP50.00 per person per visit is charged. CEAP and SMIIC member institutions are free of charge. Payments are made to the Cashier’s Office
  • Visiting users may avail of the library facilities and services for four (4) hours per visit (Monday to Friday)
  • No visiting user shall be accommodated during major examinations and semestral/summer break.
  • Visiting users are advised to follow the University dress code.
  • The Librarians reserve the right to cancel requests when deemed necessary.

Borrowing Procedures

Borrowing policies vary by group. Please select the group that matches your profile.

Borrowers are required to sign legibly their names and student number on the book card, and give it to the Library Staff.

1 Reserve and 1 Filipiniana book may be borrowed for overnight use from 5:00pm and must be returned at 9:00am the following day.

Architecture, Nursing, Periodicals, Hospitality Management, General References and Pharmacy collections are considered as non-circulating materials and are strictly for library/classroom use and may only photocopied.

Theses and Special collections are strictly for library use only.

One week before the final examinations, all books are for library use only.

Identification Needed Book Checkout Loan Duration AV Materials Checkout AV Media Center Use
Administrator/Deans/Chairpersons AdU ID *required* 10 Books (1 reserve + 9 circulation) Long term (Ask Head, Readers' Services)
Subject for recall when needed
1 item for 3 hours (within University premises use) 3 hours per subject per month (by schedule)
Faculty & Staff AdU ID *required* 10 Books (1 reserve + 9 circulation) Circulation books - 30 days
Reserve book - 7 days
Subject for recall when needed
1 item for 3 hours (within University premises use) 3 hours per subject per month (by schedule)
Undergraduate Students AdU ID *required* 3 books (1 reserve + 2 circulation) or (1 reserve + 1 circulation + 1 fiction) Circulation books - 3 days
Reserve book - overnight
Subject for recall when needed
1 item for 3 hours (within University premises use) Ask at Reference Librarian
Graduate/Law Students AdU ID *required* 3 books (1 reserve + 2 circulation) Circulation books - 7 days
Reserve book - overnight
Subject for recall when needed
1 item for 3 hours (within University premises use) Ask at Reference Librarian

Identification needed Print collections Access to Internet & electronic reseources
Visiting Researchers Referal Letter from Requesting Institution Library premises only Ask Periodicals Librarians
Alumni You must have AdU Alumni ID Library premises only Ask Periodicals Librarians

Overdues and Fines

Overdue Materials

All users are responsible for materials borrowed, and for returning and renewing items on time. All borrowers are subject to fines and fees. No delinquent borrower is allowed to borrow/renew any library material unless all library accounts are settled.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users, and not receiving an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from applicable fines and fees.

Overdue Fines

Except for the Administrators, all users are assessed for overdue fines.

Item Type Undergraduate Students Graduate School/Law Student Faculty & Staff
Circulation Books P 2.00/day P 10.00/day P 5.00/day/book
Reserve Books P 2.00/hour P 10.00/hour P 5.00/hour/book
AV Materials (CDs/DVDs) P 10.00/hour P 10.00/hour P 5.00/hour/item

Lost Books

  • Lost book(s) while on loan must be reported at once to the Section Librarian where the book was checked-out. Failure to notify the librarian means accumulation of fines and the amount will be added to the cost of the book. A lost book must be paid or replaced one week after it was reported lost.
  • A lost book may either be replaced with the same title or another related title subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services. Payment for the lost material is computed on the following basis:

    Book's current market price   +  shipping   +  P 50.00
    processing fee
      +  accrued fines
    (if any)

  • Payments for lost book(s) may be made at the Cashier’s Office. Receipt for any payment made must be presented to the Collection Management Librarian.
  • Failure to replace or pay lost book within the allowed period means suspension of borrowing privileges.

Damaged Books

  • Damaged, torn or missing pages must be reported immediately to the Section-Librarian where the book was checked out.
  • Penalty for lost book shall applied on books beyond repair