Library - Webliographies

Weblinks are lists of internet resources on a particular subject.

Weblinks are basically compiled by the Reference Librarian to assist the students in their search of information through internet resources. Most links are free; some requires fees for usage or access of information.

Please use your best judgment when reviewing the information contained within the links.

For comments and suggestions on this Weblinks, please send to Ms. Adoracion L. Ventura at or contact her at Telephone number 524-20-11 local 131.

Electrical Engineering 2015
Civil Engineering 2015
Customs Administration 2015
Marketing 2016
Computer Science 2016
Hospitality Management 2016
Biology 2016
Political Science 2016
Chemical Engineering 2016
Mechanical Engineering 2016
Psychology 2016
Electronics Engineering 2017
Education 2017
Communication 2017
Management 2017
Mass Communication 2017
Management 2017
Industrial Engineering 2018
Computer Engineering 2018