Adamson University Psychological Society (AUPS)


We, the members of Adamson University Psychological Society, uphold the organization’s Mission and Vision by uniting in the spirit of mutual respect, trust and assistance. Thus, we maintain the standards and aspirations of being a Vincentian Psychology student in order to promote excellence, compassion, and solidarity. Do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution. 

Adamson University Psychological Society (AUPS), is a recognized student organization at Adamson University that envisions itself as the living witness of God’s love, justice and peace, inspired by the ways and teachings of St. Vincent de Paul, and engaged in Vincentian ideals.


The Adamson University Psychological Society (AUPS) commits to:
1. Comply with rules and regulations of Adamson University
2. Promote and encourage understanding among its members on the principles and practices of
3. Provide opportunities to serve as training grounds for leadership
4. Be an active body in matters involving socio-civic actions