Physics Society of Adamson University (PSAU)


By the end of the Year 2020, Physics Society of Adamson University (PSAU) shall have been an effective organization that can and will achieve excellence as well as guaranteeing that the human potential within the organization will be harnessed and improved while still upholding the Vincentian aspects of Adamsonian students.


Physics Society of Adamson University (PSAU) is a co-academic, non-political, non-profit student organization which composed of bona fide Adamson University students who are currently enrolled in any Physics subject and those who have finished their Physics courses but are willing to share their talents and render services to the organization for the benefits of the members as well as the Vincentian students in promoting the camaraderie, strengthening the unity despite of diversity, enforcing the analytical skills, and empowering the Vincentian leadership.