Adamson University and St. Vincent School of Theology(AdUSVST SOPHIA)


In line with the vision of Adamson University and St. Vincent School of Theology, the organization envisages to be an epitome of excellence for the students and to reach out predominantly to those who are underprivileged.


To establish a community promoting the significance of virtue, excellence and wisdom in the field of spiritual, social, and academic brilliance through committed participation and involvement in the activities and concerns of the organization.


Adamson University-St. Vincent School of Theology Students of Philosophy Association (AdU-SVST SOPhiA) is a recognized academic organization which aims to dedicate itself to studying Philosophy and promoting the holistic formation of its students to become catalysts of social change. In SVST, a semi-autonomous institution, students of philosophy are able to partake in their activities that enhance integral individual life. The organization also aims to integrate academic ventures into society, in line with the SVST slogan, "Philosophizing Beyond the Walls".