College of Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy is a recognized premier institution providing quality pharmacy undergraduate and graduate education, research, and community extension. It prepares students to enter into pharmacy practice with the necessary competence to enable them to function as professionals who are well-informed, dynamic, and able to adapt to their careers to a changing health care system.  


To inculcate in the students, the values that are necessary for them to serve society as ethical professional pharmacists, diligent health educators and caring health care providers. 

To equip students with scientific fundamentals and attitudes necessary for them to practice their profession and adapt their careers to changes in the health care system. 

To train students in the effective delivery of pharmaceutical services both in private and government placements. These specifically provide opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills in the clinical, industrial, dispensing, community and administrative functions of the profession 

To provide support to the practice and to the professional pharmacists by its continuing education and by providing consultancy services to pharmaceutical institutions in the form of researches and laboratory testing. 

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  • Mrs. Perlita M. Crucis