Adamson University name, seal, logo now registered trademarks

Date Posted: August 3, 2012 at 02:51 PM

The name, seal, and logo of Adamson University are now registered trademarks following their registration with the Bureau of Trademarks last February 24, 2012. The trademarks have a term of ten years and will be valid until February 24, 2022.


The combined University seal and logo is registered under Registration No. 4-2011-002358 while the name Adamson University bears the Registration No. 4-2011-002359. The applications were filed in March last year and were published for opposition in the IPO e-gazette last January 24. The claim of color for both trademarks is dark or navy blue, and the university disclaims or makes no claim to the exclusive right to use “University,” “Manila,” and “Philippines,” apart from the trademarks shown.

AdU logo


Registration No. 4-2011-002358 covers the seal and logo of Adamson University. The seal composed of two circles, with the inner seal containing the image of Greek goddess Athena and three fleur de lis with a background of horizontal stripes while the outer circle contains the words “Adamson University Manila, Philippines.” Accompanying the seal is the name of the school, written in Times New Roman font. The color of the seal and logo is dark or navy blue.

AdU name


Registration No. 4-2011-002359 covers the words “Adamson University.” The name of the school is written in Times New Roman font, with “Adamson” stacked on top of “University.” The word “Adamson” is larger than the word “University” in proportion, and both are written in uppercase. 


Adamson’s trademarks can be applied to a multitude of goods and service, including but not limited to paper, cardboard, and goods made from these materials, printed matter, photographs, stationery, office requisites, instructional and teaching materials, packaging materials, leather goods, helmets, furniture, products made of plastics like tumblers and plates, textile and textile goods, and clothing.


The registration for trademark means that only Adamson University and its authorized representatives or offices can use the above mentioned trademarks. Persons, merchants, and entities that wish to use the AdU name and/or logo in their merchandise, promotional material, websites or social media accounts, or on other items must coordinate with the Office of the President (OP) through the Institutional Development and External Affairs (IDEA) Office and seek formal permission before using it. The OP will then decide whether to grant permission or license to the applicant. If permission is granted, a legal agreement will be drawn up signifying permission or license to use the trademarked logo and name and a corresponding fee may be set for its use.


Adamson University will exhaust all legal means to go after those who violate its trademarks as provided for in Republic Act 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines).