Research and innovation goal is to ensure efficiency, safety in healthcare systems: speaker reminds participants as Adamson hosts 10th AdU-CoP and 5th PACOP Research Forum

Date Posted: May 17, 2024 at 02:25 PM

The 10th Adamson University College of Pharmacy (AdU-CoP) and 5th Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (PACOP) Research Forum successfully convened today at the Co Po Ty Audio Visual Hall, May 17.  

Themed "From Insight to Impact: Leveraging Research Innovation for Health System Strengthening and Equity," the event highlighted the pivotal role of research and innovation in advancing health systems and promoting equity in healthcare. 

The forum organized by the AdU-CoP in collaboration with PACOP and the Centro Escolar University School of Pharmacy gathered academicians, industry professionals, and students to exchange knowledge and present research findings. 

The event commenced with inspiring welcome remarks from Adamson University President Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Rosula Reyes, and AdU-CoP Dean Perlita Crucis. Their speeches underscored the importance of research in driving healthcare improvements and the vital contributions of pharmacy education. 

Mr. Kenneth Bryan Vitug, Section Manager of the Clinical Applications Department at St. Luke's Medical Center, served as the keynote speaker. His address focused on the integration of technology in pharmacy and healthcare systems, highlighting historical milestones and recent advancements.  

"Before we discuss where we are right now, we need to understand where we came from," Vitug remarked, stressing the importance of historical context in understanding current innovations. 

Vitug detailed significant legislative milestones such as the Pharmacy Law of 1996, the National Insurance Act, and the 2019 Universal Healthcare Law, which have collectively strengthened the pharmacy profession and healthcare delivery in the Philippines.  

He also explored the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and electronic systems in enhancing patient care and safety.  

"In 2024, the goal of every research and innovation is to ensure efficiency and safety in healthcare systems,” he pointed out. 

Key activities included Oral Research Presentations and an E-Poster Presentation, which showcased the latest research innovations and practical applications in pharmacy. A 

 special research presentation on Pharmacy Education was delivered by Dr. Maria Fay Nenette Cariaga, PACOP President and University of Makati Vice President for Planning and Research, who is also the Dean of UMak’s Institute of Pharmacy.  

Her presentation emphasized the evolving landscape of pharmacy education and the need for continuous curricular advancements to meet the demands of modern healthcare. 

The forum then proceeded to recognize the winners of the research presentation and poster competitions before AdU-CoP Research Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Kevin Jace Miranda concluded the event with his closing remarks.