Adamson has representative in Manila Film Fest anew

Date Posted: April 8, 2024 at 03:20 PM

Two communication students have brought Adamson’s name to the Manila Film Festival for the second straight year.  

Adrian Espino and Alexander Burwell have successfully pitched their short film, "Ditas Pinamalas," to be included as finalists for the annual film showcase, organizers announced last March 25.  

"Ditas Pinamalas," written and to be directed by Espino, revolves around a girl named Ditas who encounters a string of misfortunes until she stumbles upon magical underwear. The script highlights the writer’s own style, also incorporating humor to the piece. 

This marks the second consecutive year that communication students from the University have been selected for the festival, with last year's entry "CTRL-F-ESC," earning multiple awards such as Catalyst of Change and Best Screenplay. 

The said filmfest is set to premiere this June 4. It will provide each production team with a monetary grant of P150,000 to bring their respective films to life.