CAO features “Wonders of Stones” in AdU Gallery

Date Posted: November 17, 2023 at 04:37 PM

Adamson University’s Cultural Affairs Office, led by its Director Ms. Catherine Cequeña,  will serve as home to a variety of mesmerizing stones belonging to the collection of Artiste Museum ownder-director and AdU alumnus, Anthony “Tonet” Gedang. 

The official opening of the exhibit dubbed as Wonders of Stones: Harmonizing with Nature was held November 16 at the University Gallery and was attended by Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Quezon City President Arch. Alfred Carandang; Carl Balita Review Center CEO Dr. Carl Balita, s, Integrated Community Extension Service Director Fr. Rowen Carlos and Office for Institutional Advancement Director Ms. Eva Dulay. 

“As we unveil the world of nature today, we are also discovering the magic within each stone and unraveling the story behind them,” CAO wrote, also expressing gratitude to Mr. Gedang.  

“[The event] captivates the essence of nature and the beauty of creation [as can be seen in] Mr. Anthony V. Gedang's precious collections eloquently convey the magnificence of our natural wonders...Together, we unravel the secrets behind each stone, celebrating the magnificence that surrounds us.” 

The said exhibit features different stones with historical and cultural significance from various sides of the Asian and European regions, as well as the Americas. There were also local artifacts with their own descriptions. 

Adamson University Dance Company – Folk also delivered a rousing performance during the affair. 

The said exhibit will run until January the following year.