CE features Vietnam visiting prof lecture series

Date Posted: October 25, 2023 at 01:25 PM

International academic collaboration in the University continues to flourish. 

Adamson recently hosted Dr. Vu Truong Vu, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) in Vietnam last September 18. He served as a Visiting Professor under the College of Engineering. 

He is also with Dr. Quy Thue Nguyen, a faculty member at NTTU, and Mr. Cong Thanh Phan, a graduate student at NTTU. 

Dr. Vu delivered a series of lectures on “Modern Optimization Methods” to students of his attached college. 

Formal ceremonies were held at the Co Po Ty Hall in the Dr. Carlos Tiu Center for Technology Innovation and Research. Engr.  Jerome Jordan F. Famadico, Chairperson of the Civil Engineering Department, gave a brief background on how the partnership between AdU and NTTU came to be. 

He presented the different activities already done under the MOU as well as the proposed upcoming activities and explained the schedule of activities for the conduct of the week-long lecture series. 

Dr. Vu, meanwhile, presented a video about their university and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity of being a Visiting Professor of AdU. Dr. Merlinda A. Palencia, the Dean of the College of Engineering, delivered her closing remarks to conclude the event. 

A lecture focused on “Introduction to Modern Optimization Methods” followed the said program. A discussion about “Basic of classical optimization methods” was then conducted in the afternoon.  

The second day of the lecture series featured Dr. Vu’s lecture about “Modern optimization methods” at the OZ Conference Room, where students brought were treated to workshops on how to carry out optimization methods using Matlab Software.  

Dr. Nguyen then gave a special lecture on the topic of “Structural Health Monitoring” which also entertained questions from the student participants. 

The said lecture series was done as a bid to bolster academic excellence, foster diversity, and cultivate intellectual collaborations among the University’s Civil Engineering Department. The Visiting Professor Program, at its core, is designed to bring fresh perspectives, innovative teaching methods, and a global outlook into AdU's classrooms.