Adamson forges ties with blockchain tech org

Date Posted: September 15, 2023 at 02:57 PM

AdU has kept on expanding its reach in the technopreneruship and startup ecosystem.   

The University, through AdUNEST and the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO), signed a Memorandum of Agreement with block chain training organization, The BLOKC (The Blockchain Lead Organization & Knowledge Center), September 12 at the AdUNEST Technology Business Incubation Facility Thinking Room, Dr. Carlos Tiu Center for Technology Innovation and Research. 

The said MOA features activities that would promote the institution’s capabilities and development in academic and industry training of tech innovation practices. 

Among the said activities are those under “digital education, research and development, incubation and IT certifications, and leveraging Blockchain Technology’s role in the country’s tech commercialization efforts.” 

The Blocklabs Inc. is a blockchain technology company situated in the Philippines that provides education, consulting, and development services. It has a team of experienced blockchain professionals committed to helping businesses and organizations adopt blockchain technology. 

“This partnership will help the University's cause in further developing technology innovation and commercialization in Adamson, especially in providing the university with access to The Blocklabs Inc.'s expertise and resources in blockchain technology,” said Engr. Ian Charl Nico Tubban, Head of AdUNEST’s Technology Business Incubator. 

“[Potentially, it could also] assist in the development of blockchain-related courses and programs, collaboration with industry partners on blockchain projects, and creation of a more entrepreneurial and innovative environment among the community.” 

He also stressed that the tie up initiated by AdUNEST and ITSO still has its specific activities and initiatives to be undertaken under the MOA be determined by the AdU and The BLOKC, but furthered that it could provide internship and certification programs for Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) students through what is labelled as the Blockmates program. There could also be possible curriculum review and syllabus implementation with the two mentioned degree programs. 

In addition, there may be faculty training, hackathon competitions, developer bootcamps, educational tours, community involvement projects, seminars, job recommendation and outsourcing services and other possible collaborative activities. 

University President Fr. Marcelo V. Manimtim, CM, IPPDO Director and Head, ITSO-Technology Transfer Office (AdUTX) Engr. Noe D. Enriquez and Engr. Tubban confirmed the agreement for the side of AdU.  

Meanwhile, Mr. Emerson Fonseca and Mr. Mark Hugh Neri, The BLOKC CEO and CTO, appeared for the firm, along with their Growth and Partnership Director Mr. Julius Fresco and Managing Editor Mr. Eli Becislao. 

Also in attendance were College of Engineering Dean Dr. Merlinda Palencia, College of Science Dean Dr. Eleanor Austria, Continuing Professional Development Department Director Ms. Raquel Bermudez, Computer Engineering Chairperson Engr. Yolanda Austria, IT Chairperson Ms. Marvi Bayrante and CS Chairperson Ms. Ma. Christina Navarro. 

Blockchain technology is a framework that maintains public transactional information, also known as the block, in numerous databases, referred to as the "chain," in a network connected by peer-to-peer nodes. 

It is a method of storing information that makes it extremely difficult to update, hack, or manipulate the system, given that a blockchain is a distributed ledger that copies and distributes transactions throughout its network of computers.