IMPACT program assessment Day 2 showcases participants’ ideas

Date Posted: July 11, 2023 at 02:21 PM

Participants’ innovation and creativity were in full display in the second day of the Intellectual Property Management Program for Academic Institutions Commercializing Technologies (IMPACT) Program assessment held at the Dr. Carlos Tiu Center for Technology Research and Innovation’s Co Po Ty Hall this July 7.  

They were, once again, divided into groups and were asked to conduct strategic planning from their respective perspectives and experiences. 

Chief Science Research Specialist Ms. Russell Pili led the session which featured four groups that are expected to present the proposals they have devised for the potential scope of the IMPACT NXT Project. 

IMPACT NXT is expected to be the succeeding program of the current IMPACT, aiming to continue and further develop the strides that the latter has made in research and innovation and technology transfer under different fields of study.  

DOST-PCIEERD Science Research Specialist II and IMPACT Program Manager Engr. Jejomar Carlos integrated each groups’ outputs, before planning activities were resumed for the afternoon session.  

Final reminders and closing remarks were also delivered by Ms. Pili.  

DOST-PCIEERD also expressed gratitude to the 31 participating universities and Research Development Institutions (RDIs) in the 2-day IMPACT Program Assessment.