Adamsonian-made film wins big in Manila Film Fest

Date Posted: June 21, 2023 at 01:20 PM

A film made by Adamsonians brought home glory and pride to the University as they bagged numerous awards in the Manila Film Festival. 

CTRL-F-ESC, a film by AdU RSO Silip@Lente and directed by Adamsonian Justin Bobier received the Best Musical Scoring (Brigz Viernes), Best Screenplay (Tricia Reena Loi Lorenzana), and Catalyst of Change Award. 

The film’s theme song Kadiliman performed by Aisha Ahamad and arranged by Viernes was chosen as the Best Theme Song. Kych Minemoto, the film’s lead, meanwhile, was hailed as Best Actor. 

CTRL-F-ESC is a psychological thriller that highlights academic and peer pressure, as well as a “toxic environment.” 

“The film is entitled “CTRL-F-ESC” which also means “Find to Escape” inspired by the meeting codes used during online classes. The CTRL + F and ESC are both different command key shortcuts. Ctrl + F is used when you want to find words quickly. On the other hand, Esc key is used to close a pop-up window or to cancel the current process on a running program,” the film’s short description explained.  

“Combining these command keys strengthens the story of the protagonist, Angelo, who seeks the easiest solution for his problem, which is to find an escape from his exhausting life journey caused by academic pressure, peers, and his toxic environment,” it furthered. 

CTRL-F-ESC was screened in SM Manila Cinemas until June 24.