AdU is first PH Uni to receive state-of-the-art reservoir modelling and simulation platform

Date Posted: May 24, 2023 at 02:55 PM

The University continues strengthening the educational experience in its Petroleum Engineering and Geology Departments as Adamson has become the first Philippine University to be granted with academic licenses of a tNavigator software. 

This is after Rock Flow Dynamics Inc., a US-based provider of advanced reservoir simulation software in the industry donated 25 academic licenses of their flagship products to the University. 

The agreement was officially attested with an official contract signing between the Director and VP SEA of Rock Flow Dynamics, Inc, LTD, Dewi Haerani Kurniawati and the Department Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, Engr. Erison Roque.  

In addition to the new partnership that is seen to foster a mutually beneficial environment for research innovation, Rock Flow Dynamics also extended support for the publication of exceptional dissertations and innovative solutions achieved with tNavigator in esteemed International Bodies such as the Society of Petroleum Engineers, International Petroleum Technology Conference, Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition and The Role of Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers. 

The tNavigator, with a market price of USD 9,825,000, stands out as the sole product in the market that seamlessly integrates a completely interactive 3D graphical user interface with an excellent parallel supercomputing engine. 

The software boasts cutting-edge technical features, namely tNav-Graphical User Interface (GUI), tNav-Geology Designer, tNav-Seismic, tNav-Geosteering, tNav-Model Designer, tNav-PVT Designer, tNav-RP Designer, tNav-Fracture Simulator, tNav-Black Oil (BO) Console, tNav-Compositional, tNav-Thermal, tNav-Geomechanics, tNav-Material Balance Analysis, tNav-Network Designer, tNav-Well Designer and tNav-Assisted History Matching Uncertainty. 

With the said facets to be utilized, tNavigator can deliver incomparable user efficiency and exceptional performance for reservoir engineers both in the corporate simulation centers and in the field and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. 

Using the new technology, students will have the opportunity to evaluate challenging reservoir scenarios, conduct innovative research and pioneer new technologies and methodologies, which gives them a competitive edge in the globally competitive workforce of the oil and gas industry and ensures their proficiency in the tools and technologies currently adopted by industry leaders.