Petroleum Eng’g juniors showcase expertise in rig design competition

Date Posted: May 24, 2023 at 02:48 PM

Junior Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering students showcased their innovative skills and industry knowledge as the Adamson University Chemical Engineering Student Society (AdUCHESS) hosted the “Rig It Up! Advancing Energy Solutions through Technology Design and Innovations” seminar last May 17 at the Co Po Ty Hall of the Dr. Carlos Tiu Center for Technology Innovation and Research. 

The event held as part of requirements for the elective course Drilling Technology featured the budding engineers demonstrating their expertise in designing oil rig systems.  

Team Seong-Gong Industries with their Truss Spar Platform won the rig competition, while PetroSynergy and Team Int’L Autonic Falcon Emirates finished as runners-up with their semi-submersible rig they named Grand Odyssey La Miranda. 

Each team had the opportunity to explain their design choices, supported by thorough research and engineering principles, following the event objective to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork among practitioners in the oil and gas industry. 

The roster of judges was composed of members of the faculty from Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering Department: Engr. Ven Diputado, Engr. Clyde Lopez, Engr. Reymart Estoque, Engr. Jayson Binay and Engr. Gab Lerona who also served as the emcee.  

The event also had occupational safety training firm RODECH Training Services Link International CEO Mr. Rodelio Viado, as a guest judge. With his extensive experience and expertise, Viado brought valuable insights and guidance to the participants.  

A total of 72 attendees and participants were also granted a tuition fee discount on the International Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (IDOSHE) for Construction, Petrochemical & Oil and Gas Industries offered by RODECH. 

The Rig Design Competition fostered an environment of innovation and collaboration among petroleum engineering students. The students were tasked with creating efficient, safe, and cost-effective systems that could withstand the demands of oil exploration and production. The participants showcased their knowledge in various areas such as rig structure, drilling mechanisms, safety systems and environmental considerations.