Adamsonian among finalists in American Standard PH design competition

Date Posted: May 22, 2023 at 01:35 PM

Jimwell Ricafort of the College of Architecture is one of the Top 10 finalists of the American Standard Design Award (ASDA). 

Following the theme Inclusivity for All: Reshaping Spaces for Residential Family Bathroom, Ricafort’s entry bested other entries from different architecture schools to land as one of the best designs in the contest. 

According to the competition brief, the ASDA “seeks to uncover the power of design, to create not only a bathroom where one can recharge and rejuvenate but a space that is truly loved by everyone in the family.” 

“Students will be able to showcase their ideas and introduce the concepts through innovative designs that enable everyone to create a safe, hygienic and comfortable home that they love every day,” it furthered. 

American Standard is a brand famous for its bathroom fixtures but also offers total project solutions for residential and commercial customers, effectively delivering water-saving products that are used for new construction and replacement/remodeling projects. As of this writing, it has presence in over 20 countries.