Images of Hope and Faith adorns University Art Gallery with new Blanco exhibit

Date Posted: February 6, 2023 at 04:12 PM

A new set of artworks occupied the University’s Art Gallery, but the artist is already acquainted with Adamson. 

The Cultural Affairs Office officially launched Hope & Faith, an exhibit featuring the creative works of Jose Glenn Blanco, through opening ceremonies held at the Gallery Façade this February 2. 

The event was also held in celebration of the National Arts Month. 

Glenn, a member of the famous family of painters from Angono, Rizal, already did an exhibit with the University last 2011. 


“Hope and faith, a visual exhibit consists of 25 paintings painted from 2019-2022. The artist attempts to show us his personal take and experiences during the pandemic in a reflective way through his paintings,” he said as he gave an overview of the exhibit. 

“To have hope was our only defense during those [tough] times; to have faith that all sadness [would end]. Hope and Faith is a visual art celebration – a thanksgiving.” 

Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, in his open remarks, meanwhile, lauded the rich artistic history of the Blanco Family in Angono. 

“If you have been to Angono, you can feel the faith among the culture of the people. Kahit na po sa kanilang fiesta, nagpapaliguan ng tubig ang mga tao, mararamdaman nyo po ang pananampalataya ng bayan,” he said, also recalling the relationship between the Vincentians and the kin.  

“It is true that faith [is where] hope springs from. It is true that faith which is lived everyday by the people of Angono of which the Blanco Family has participated from the beginning,” he furthered. 

Fr. Pilario. Fr. Rock Joseph Enriquez, CM, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Pamela B. Mantuhac, Institutional Development & External Affairs Director, Ms. Cathy Cequeña, Cultural Affairs Office Director, Mr. Peewee Calaqui and Ms. Marivel Mari-Galang led the ribbon cutting ceremonies signifying the formal launch of the exhibit.