AdU is Pink : In support of the candidacy of VP Leni Robredo

Date Posted: October 13, 2021 at 04:03 PM

AdU is Pink.

We light up Saint Vincent Building in pink to support VP Ma. Leonor Robredo’s Presidential bid. Leni is a graduate of Universidad de Santa Isabel in Naga, managed by the Daughters of Charity, virtually AdU’s sister school. With this, we believe that the unique mark of Vincentian charism has been instilled in her, and we trust that her topmost priority is the welfare of our Lords and Masters, the poor.

We are confident that such upbringing has inculcated in her a significant love and understanding for charity and the poor that would lead her to prioritize their needs and combat the ails – corruption, injustice, greed, anger, revenge -- that have plagued different sectors of society. And looking at what she has done during her terms as a public servant and how she has delivered, we are convinced this would carry over as she potentially leads the country in the future.

We stand with Leni as she has embodied Veritas in Caritate, which we have always stood for — a true sign of a servant-leader. It will be a long journey but a journey worth taking with and for our countrymen.

Para sa bayan, para sa mamamayan, para sa Pilipino.