Clean and Green Adamson: A campaign for a clean environment

Date Posted: December 15, 2017 at 09:31 AM


It is high time that we shape up; otherwise the environment will ship us out to suffer disasters.

This pretty well summarizes the context of the recent memo whose subject was Clean and Greeen Adamson released by the Office of the President. In Memorandum No. 23, S2017, University President Fr. Marcelo V. Manimtim, CM pointed out that while some calamities happened for natural reasons, some occurred because of human behavior. Flood, for instance, results from esteros and waterways getting clogged because of indiscriminate garbage disposal. Sad as it may sound, many in the Adamson community are guilty of committing such habits as littering classrooms, hallways and the campus; vandalizing chairs, tables and walls; and showing little concern for the trash within and outside the campus. To leave these unchecked is to invite another disaster, like Ondoy that flooded the school in 2009 resulting in severe damage to school property, to happen.

“It is in this light, that I am calling the attention and enjoining everyone – all the University’s stakeholders – to take seriously our campaign to CARE for our environment. The responsibility starts with oneself.  We would like to create and transform Adamson into a beautiful, healthy and safe place to study and work. I am sure you will appreciate this kind of environment,” Fr. Manimtim emphasized in his memo.

To be in active pursuit of CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT, the memo urges everyone to be involved in: 

  1. CLEAN-UP DAY, every last Friday of the month, to give extra attention to cleanliness in the campus, offices, canteens and other public facilities. As a department, office, or individual, these can be done: cleaning of work area; sorting and filing of documents; arranging and labeling files; and cleaning of equipment that one is using.
  1. Practicing CLEAN-AS-YOU-GO and CLEAN-AS-YOU-WALK, which enjoins everyone to be responsible for cleaning any place, room, facility or equipment immediately after use; and to be responsible in cleaning any area of any place, room and facility within one’s reach while moving.

Fr. Manimtim believes that taking this challenge seriously as a community – “isang unibersidad, isang komunidad” – can indeed effect change. He ended his memo saying, “I enjoin all administrators, faculty and staff to be in action and set the example.”