New Vincentian Chemical Engineers from Adamson University

Date Posted: June 14, 2017 at 04:14 PM

As per the official announcement of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 16 new chemical engineers from Adamson University have passed the board exam administered by the PRC last May 2017.

Adamson University, one of the pioneer schools in the field of chemical engineering, recorded an 80% overall passing rate, with their first time takers clinching it at 92.86%. The board exam had a national passing rate of 55.26%.

The new chemical engineers are:

Engr. Kyzel Zacarias Armada

Engr. Ralyn Jay ZArenal Basis

Engr. Christine Joice Mojica Calucin

Engr. Fatima Shiena Solangon Dacaya

Engr. Luigi-Tam Errea De La Peña

Engr. Rochie Cabrito Diez

Engr. Ma Carolina Daganzo Dizon

Engr. Elaine Grace Gonzales

Engr. Erika De Borja Layola

Engr. Ralph Richard Girado Malijan

Engr. Angelique Cortez Marbida

Engr. Aura Collado Montecastro

Engr. Nonie Cortez Pascual

Engr. Mikaella Sta Ana Rafon

Engr. Errol Nostares Secapuri

Engr. Doris Angelica Batislaon Ulangca