Adamson University opens academic year with General Assembly

Date Posted: June 14, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Opening the academic year with renewed vigor and strengthened with the commitment to the credo of providing quality Vincentian education, the Adamson community, led by the University administrators, faculty members, and co-academic staff, held the Annual General Assembly 2017 at the Adamson University Theater on June 13, 2017.

The assembly started with a Mass of the Holy Spirit, and was celebrated by Fr. Gregorio L. Bañaga, Jr., CM, President Emeritus of Adamson University and Provincial Visitor of the Congregation of the Mission-Philippine Province, along with the CM priests working in the university. In his homily, Fr. Bañaga referenced the similarities in the tasks of the Holy Spirit and Adamson University as an educational institution responsible for transforming the minds and spirits of its students. He also reiterated the importance of the University in continuing the works of the Holy Spirit, in the same way that the Holy Spirit inspired the apostles to continue spreading the Word of the Lord.

The mass was followed by the opening remarks from the host college, given by Dr. Gliceria Lunag, acting dean of the College of Education and Liberal Arts. In her opening remarks, Dr. Lunag mentioned the definition of excellence as “giving one’s work.” She reminded the community not to rest on the laurels that the University has achieved but instead, face squarely the variety of challenges that confronts the University, including the K+12 implementation, ASEAN integration, and facing global standards. She continued talking about the University’ commitment to live with the Vincentian Identity and of advancing the compassion for the less fortunate but specially among ourselves. She concluded her speech with a reminder through a quotation from St. Vincent de Paul: “It is not enough to do good. It must be done well.”

Audiovisual presentations from the offices under the President and the Vice Presidents were also shown, listing a report of the numerous feats accomplished by the University during the past year. The presentations outlined the achievements of the different facets of the University such as: acceptances in national and international conferences; board topnotchers and general performances in the licensure exams; linkage programs with international universities; researches funded and completed; new partnerships with corporations and other institutions; innovations in administrative processes; programs for faculty, staff, and students; and the financial status of the university.

The general assembly capped off with an inspirational message from University President Fr. Marcelo V. Manimtim, CM. Fr. Manimtim highlighted the need to look into the future of Adamson as a top-rank university, discussing the community’s obligation to “take small yet decisive steps to secure the distant future.” He also made a reference to the theme of the general assembly: Providing Excellent Vincentian Education Through an Empowered People; and stating the importance of developing and enhancing the University’s human resource. Fr. Manimtim continued with University’s commitment to give service to those who are less fortunate, reflecting on the 400th year of the Vincentian Charism. The President also said that the Vincentian identity is part of the empowering process and reiterated that “being Vincentian is not a name, but a character we bear.” The President ended his message by stating the need to be clear and concrete with setting the University’s milestones, echoing the indicators for development as stated and defined by the University’s strategic plans from 2017 to 2022.