Tuition Fee Discounts

Students are entitled to the following discounts and/ or subsidies as applicable:

  1. Students enjoy a 5% discount on tuition fees if paid in full within 10 days after classes have started. This is also applicable if tuition fee is paid in full through credit/debit cards.
  2. Students enjoy a 5% parent-alumnus discount if either parent is a college graduate of the University. An alumnus identifications card of either parent is required to enjoy this privilege.
  3. Students enjoy a 3% sibling-alumnus discount if a brother or sister is a college graduate of the University. An alumnus identification card of their brother or sister is required to enjoy this privilege.
  4. Sibling Discount. A student may enjoy a staggered sibling discount as follows:
    • With one(1) brother or sister studying in the University = 2% discount;
    • With two (2) siblings = 3% discount;
    • With three(3) and more siblings = 4% discount.
  5. 20% discount is given to Person with Disability (PWD) and Senior Citizen. A PWD/Senior Citizen Identification Card is required.
  6. College graduates of the University enjoys 10% discount if they enroll in the Juris Doctor Program.
  7. The University accepts Educational Service Contracting (ESC) for grade 7 to 10 for the Basic Education Department and the Voucher System for the Senior High School.