Adamson University-Association of Civil Engineering Students (ADU-ACES)


We envision the Adamson University - Association of Civil Engineering Students to be:

A dynamic organization aimed at promoting academic excellence and socio-civic participation through course-linked activities that would foster solidarity and cooperative friendships inside and outside the particular organization.


Thus, we, the Adamson University - Association of Civil Engineering Students commit ourselves to:

1. Help our college in providing assistance to our college-endorsed activities

2. Support and inspire our fellow civil engineering students in cultivating our God-given talents and abilities through active participation in the association's up-coming events and gatherings inside and outside the University.


It was a time when the Civil Engineering Department was experiencing a tremendous backdrop,
especially in the number of board passers in the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam. Two of the
faculty members thought of the idea of starting an organization that would later cater to helping
the CE students who had a hard time coping with their lessons. Engr. Dunca and Engr. Danilo
David founded the Association of Civil Engineering Students, coined ACES on June 20, 1975.
The organization set to help young men and women in the field of Civil Engineering was housed
at the St. Therese building. Through quiet and relentless efforts, the organization was formally
launched on June 25, 1975, with only 120 members. The population grew to 500 after a year of its
launch. Thus, it necessitated its transfer to a more spacious office at the Ozanam building in 1984.
After twenty years of continuous struggle, the ACES organization stood still, wherein the
organization produced several graduates who are board passers as well as competent
professionals and individuals. In the late eighties, the ACES proudly produced the first woman to
top the Civil Engineering Licensure Exams. ACES was therefore formally renamed Adamson
University - Association of Civil Engineering Students, or AdU-ACES. New officers are elected
or appointed every year to spearhead the association's goals and purposes. Despite all the troubles
it has gone through in the last years, it will continue to live its vision and fulfill its mission of
making the difference that soon-to-be Adamsonian Civil Engineers have to make.

We, the Adamson University - Association of Civil Engineering Students (AdU-ACES), are the
largest Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at Adamson University. As one of the
university's leading organizations, we promote academic excellence and socio-civic participation
with our course-related programs, events, and activities which aims to hone the skills and talents
of our Civil Engineering klasmeyts.
The AdU-ACES envision harnessing the abilities of our officers while fostering the capacity and
talents of every civil engineering student through various programs and activities. We aim to go
over and above to achieve our vision. With this, the AdU-ACES consistently surpasses its mission
and vision to its members through valuable events and activities.

As of 2022, the Adamson University - Association of Civil Engineering Students has 1000 active
members. The AdU-ACES continuously yields notable and extraordinary civil engineering
students and professionals who advocate academic excellence, promote communal growth, and
boost social responsibility by serving the civil engineering department, college, the university,
and the nation.