Adamson University Mechanical Engineering Society (AUMES)


To be at par, if no better with the world’s best Mechanical Engineering students through quality education and innovations. 


Adamson University Mechanical Engineering Society (AUMES) is a recognized academic student organization for Mechanical Engineering students at Adamson University. AUMES seeks to maintain close relationship with its members and to the Filipino community through understanding their needs and lead a path of exemplary and ethical professional practice through camaraderie and quality education.  


In 1935, in response to the country's need for industrialization, Adamson School of Industrial chemistry (BASIC) expanded its curriculum to offer additional courses in engineering including, Mechanical Engineering. In 1941, Adamson University (AdU) formally opened Mechanical Engineering as its newest course offering. And on 2016, the possibility to have a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering was made possible through the Memorandum of Agreement between AdU and Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST), and the first batch of ME students flew to Taiwan to pursue BSME Major in Mechatronics. 

Recent Achievements

The Mechanical Engineering students at Adamson University continue to pursue excellence as they won multiple awards not just in locally but as well as internationally. In 2019, the Mechanical Engineering degree program students won the first runner up for the Track Race event, Second Runner up for Obstacle Avoidance event at the Asian Conference on Robot Education and Innovation in Macau, and the second batch of the dual degree program attained Third place for National Technical University Student Project Manufacturing Competition and Exhibit held by the Ministry of Taiwan at the International Convention Center in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.

Since then, Adamson University continuously produced Mechanical Engineers formed in the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul. In recent years, the program received recognition as a top-performing school and produced topnotchers in the Mechanical Engineering national board examination; these are 3rd place and 10th place among the top-performing schools in April 2004 and October 2014, respectively. Topnotchers landed 6th place in 2005, 7th place in 2011, 5th place in 2014, and 7th place in 2019.