HIMIG - Musicians Of Adamson University (HIMIG)


Founded in 2006 by Mrs. Sabrina M. Gayo along with their founding members, HIMIG began as a group of Adamsonian musicians that envisioned a home for music enthusiasts alike. The organization was brought about through one call, “Diversified Music, Unified Voice” and has since then became a pathway from the founding members to contribute their impeccable musical creativity through the organization’s continuous contributions which then trickled down to our current successes.

Since its creation, HIMIG has shown great excellence in the field of music through various successful performances and events. It served as a bridge for students who wish to pursue their passion in music. As a socio-civic organization, HIMIG continuously strives to mold compassion within the community through various activities that strengthen our bonds, extend our helping hand and improve our talents. Not only do our members benefit from our home, we extend our help through acts of service for those in need as well as participating in partnerships with other organizations within and outside of the campus bounds. Continuously, HIMIG aims to embrace all music lovers alike to empower and encourage one another through the art of music, performance and even creative directing. We strive for excellence and diversity that aspires to nurture our talents and love for music, boost our confidence and expand our talents in order to realize our capabilities as aspiring talents.