Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX)


As a Vincentian Student Organization, we are committed to extend our hands to
those who are in need and let ourselves available in the call of helping others.
As a Finance Student Organization, we will promote financial literacy and
educational advancement through seminars, symposiums, conferences, and inter school
activities that would divulge camaraderie, social awareness, and civic consciousness to
its subordinates or members.


A potent and high-class organization that aims for the unending promotion of
financial literacy and ethical practice, a constant increase in the number of members,
and oneness mentality among its members.


The Junior Financial Executives also known as "JFINEX" is an organization that acts as a medium of Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) to promote advanced education and skills for the youths in the field of finance and business. It aims to make the youth more competitive in the field of finance and other areas of business. Furthermore, this organization is generally responsible for providing support on the activities of the different financial organizations or clubs from various schools/universities in the Philippines.

Junior Financial Executives - Adamson University (JFINEXAdU) is a recognized student organization at Adamson University and the premiere financial management organization of Adamson University. It aims to promote finance as a field of study, uphold excellence through financial literacy, raise social awareness, develop potential leaders and nurture future industry professionals through its numerous activities and advocacies.
2013 – Top 1 Organization Mid-Year Assessment
2017 – Top 6 in the Ten Most Outstanding Recognized Student Organization
2018 – Top 5 in the Ten Outstanding Recognized Student Organization


  • Promote academic excellence, social awareness, and civic consciousness among its members through its development projects and activities.
  • Adopt measures that would foster educational advancement in the field of finance through the following activities: a. seminars b. conferences and conventions c. other activities and workshops which promote the stated vision.
  • Enrich camaraderie among its members and other duly recognized student organizations.
  • Aim for a full and integrated development for all its members and to harbor cooperation in the umbrella of Business Administration Colleges and Adamson University as a whole.
  • Reflect a fair and committed student leadership applying a “trickle down” effect of good governance.
  • Maintain honesty, integrity, and excellence in fulfilling its duties and achieving its goals.