Adamson University Student Nurses’ Association (AUSNA)


Adamson University Student Nurses’ Association (AUSNA) a recognized student organization of Adamson University which uphold an atmosphere of solidarity and interdependence within the entire Vincentian Nursing community and help the College of Nursing in molding their students’ identity as Vincentian Nurses through its activities.


As a recognized organization of Adamson University, we pursue to create and introduce to students activities that promote solidarity among Vincentian Nursing community, foster academic excellence geared towards holistic personal development, keep the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul burning through compassionate service to others and to work on building a society based on justice, peace, and respect for human dignity and integrity of creation.


Adamson University Student Nurses' Association (AUSNA) is a constituent body of the Recognized Student Organization of Adamson University. AUSNA's primary objective is to foster empowerment, a sense of unity and cooperation among the entire Vincentian Nursing community. Through its activities, AUSNA contributes to the development of the College of Nursing's students by assisting in shaping their identity as Vincentian Nurses to make positive contributions to the world as individuals and as members of a larger nursing community. 

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Adamson University Student Nurses’ Association