Integrated Community Extension Services - Social Transformation Strategies

The extension service of the university uses the Systemic Change Approach as part of the response in the development of partner communities. The processes and initiatives are values-based, engagement-led, micro savings, and community-centered. These principles have to be observed religiously in all aspects of partnership with communities and volunteers. Thus, the community partners are involved in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

1.    Southville 1, Cabuyao, Laguna
2.    Towerville San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
3.    SV8B, Rodriguez, Rizal
4.    Brgy.734, Estero de Paco, Manila

o    Values Formation
o    Savings Mobilization Program
o    School of Good Governance for Social Development
o    Livelihood Program
o    Day Care Program
o    Sponsorship Program
o    Volunteer Program
o    HKM Advocacy 
o    Immersion Program
o    Disaster Response and Relief Operation
o    Summer School of Life Program (SSLP)