Graduate Studies - Finance Policies

The university expects the students to pay their tuition and fees promptly.  The university may withhold students’ privilege for failure to settle their financial obligations.

Assessment of Fees

All students shall receive a computerized assessment of fees after the encoding of the subjects to be enrolled at the Encoding Section of the Registrar’s Office.

Corrections and adjustments in enrollment and the computerized assessed fees should be done within one week from the official start of classes. After this period, correction and adjustments in the assessed fees will not be entertained. Students are advised to ensure the correctness of their computerized assessed fees before the lapse of the one- week period allotted for adjustments.

Manual pre- assessment of fees for some other purpose should be applied for in writing at the Finance Department for a fee of P 50.

Verification Terminal

Payments and adjustments in the student’s accounts are on line.  The student can verify his account balance instantly at the verification terminals.

The students are advised to verify first their accounts due before paying.

Tutorial Fees

Subjects with less than the minimum number of students in a class shall be considered as tutorial classes. The minimum number of students per class shall be seven (7) for master’s degree except MS in Pharmacy, MS Chemistry and MEP, and a minimum of five (5) per class for doctorate degrees, MS Pharmacy, MS Chemistry and MEP.

A student signing in a tutorial class petition form automatically enters into an agreement with his co- petitioners to share equally the additional ( tutorial ) fees to make up for the minimum number of students in a regular class.

The formula for computing the tutorial fee is:


(RMN-AN) x U x R


TF     =     Tutorial Fee
RMN    =    Required Minimum Number of Students
AN    =     Actual Number of Students
U    =    Number of units
R    =    Rate per unit

Terms of Payment

  1. Cash Basis
    A student paying in full or at least 80% of the school fees upon enrollment enjoys two percent (2%) discount based on tuition fees.
  2. Installment Basis
    Down payment is about 25% of the total school fees based on the incoming new entrant- student rate.  The down payment is a fixed amount for all students which is announced before the start of the next school year.

    The balance of the school fees after the down payment is paid is equally divided over the three periodical examinations: preliminary, mid- term and final examination.  The installment payments are due as follows:
  1st Semester 2nd Semester
Prelim August December
Midterm September February
Finals October March
    The amount due for an examination period should be paid one week before the scheduled examination.

Mode of Payment

  1. Over the teller’s counter at the  Cashier’s Office
  2. Thru ATM

    A student may secure an ATM account with the PNB, San Marcelino Branch, at the  minimum deposit of P 500.  Parents and students may pay school fees at anytime and anywhere in the Philippines thru the ATM account.

    An ATM terminal is provided by PNB inside the campus for the convenience and security of the students when withdrawing money.

  3. Promissory Note

    A student unable to pay his due account can secure a promissory note at the reception area of the finance department.  The note should be secured by a post- dated check which due date

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