College of Education and Liberal Arts

Within the context of the University mission statement and objectives, the College of Liberal Arts offers programs of study designed to meet general and special educational needs. It also provides a broad general education to train the students into becoming responsible professional citizens who are morally trained, socially integrated, politically informed, culturally literate, appreciative of human values and aesthetics, respectful of the dignity of the human person, able to critically think and express themselves, and capable of life-long education.

These goals are attained by the different departments through a balanced and renewed curricula, a liberal and creative classroom atmosphere, competent faculty and learning strategies which are dynamic and responsive to student needs, interests, and concerns. The courses offered provide the special training required by students interested in pursuing a teaching career, a degree program in the particular discipline he majors in, or as a preparation for a professional program in Law or Graduate Studies.

As part of a Vincentian institution whose patron, St. Vincent de Paul, is a man of Christ-like simplicity and a distinguished apostle of charity, the College emphasizes the formation of a correct conscience in the students regarding the practice of charity, social responsibility, and justice.


  • Dr. Gliceria C. Lunag
  • Ms. Ailene U. Ayson
    Chairperson, Communication Department
  • Dr. Rosalie D. Meriales
    Education Department
  • Dr. Rizal Dapat
    Chairperson, Languages Department
  • Dr. Mark Christian I. Siwa
    Chairperson, Physical Education Department
  • Mr. Adrian S. Zulueta
    Chairperson, Social Science Department