College of Engineering

Within the context of the University mission statement and objectives, College of Engineering trains men and women along scientific, technological, and humanistic fields and at the same time to inculcate love of God and Country so that, with the highest moral and ethical standards, they can meet effectively the requirements for economic and social development responsive to, and in consonance with, national goals and aspirations.

As such, the various curricula are designed to meet the scientific, technological, social, cultural, religious, and physical well-being of the students to make them responsible members and leaders of the community.

Teaching efficiency and effectiveness of the curricula in enhancing the balanced development of students are appraised through continuous evaluation. Toward this end, faculty and curricula development is a continuing concern of the college.

Discipline is emphasized. However, responsible exercise of academic freedom within the campus and classrooms is observed to develop student initiative, creativity, resourcefulness, and leadership, under the guidance of the faculty.

In order to keep the students abreast with the requirements and development of business and industry, the program has a practicum component which includes field trips, plant visit, on-the-job training, and seminars. Research is a significant part of the program.



  • Dr. Merlinda A. Palencia
  • Engr. Jerry G. Olay
    Chairperson, Chemical Engineering Department
  • Engr. Jerome Jordan F. Famadico
    Chairperson, Civil Engineering Department
  • Engr. Yolanda D. Austria
    Chairperson, Computer Engineering Department
  • Engr. Romeo D. Fernandez
    Chairperson, Electrical Engineering Department
  • Engr. Jasper Meynard P. Araña
    Chairperson, Electronics Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Mr. Adrian Raymund C. Fernandez
    Chairperson, Mining Engineering and Geology Department
  • Engr. Noime B. Fernandez
    Chairperson, Industrial Engineering Department
  • Engr. Lester Alfred M. Olasiman
    Chairperson, Mechanical Engineering Department