Within the context of the University mission statement and objectives, the College of Education prepares the students academically and professionally to teach in the different public and private elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines. The program of studies considers the basic ideas, questions, and concerns underlying education as a personal, life-long phenomenon, and as an institutional commitment to all members of society. Other aspects of the program include the gaining of concept mastery, skill development, and competency achievement as well as broadening of insights into the nuances and developments of education. These experiences provide the students with added capabilities to function effectively in a wide variety of professional positions not only in the educational field but in other service-oriented institutions as well.


There are two degree programs offered: The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) which offers major and minor areas of specialization in Economics, English, History, Pilipino, Mathematics, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry; and the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED).


Student-teachers get their off-campus training in selected secondary and elementary schools in the Greater Manila Area. As part of a Vincentian institution whose patron, St. Vincent de Paul, is a man of Christ-like simplicity and a distinguished apostle of charity, the College emphasizes the formation of a correct conscience in the students regarding the practice of charity, social responsibility, and justice.