College of Business Administration

Within the context of the University mission and objectives, the College of Business Administration educates men and women effectively for busines and administration, and for them to become responsible citizens involved in the development of society and people.

The curriculum is designed to prepare the student for professional success and social responsibility. It is recognized that such education must combine a broad knowledge, understanding and application of facts, principles and problems peculiar to business management. This program prepares the student for leadership in business or for administrative work in government and/or other social institutions. Specifically, it seeks to give the following aspects of development.

Training in the basic techniques of management; experiences in problem solving and decision making. Presentation of the role of business and industry to give students the kind of social perspective which will make for responsible economic leadership within the context of the ethical principles of the profession.

The inter-disciplinary nature of business study is stressed and the importance of the social sciences in the education of managers is underscored.

The College of Business Administration aims to equip young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes that would enable them to enter the world of work, particularly to:

  1. Manage a business competently.
  2. Exercise responsible citizenship by being involved in the development of people especially the poor.
  3. Exemplify the Vincentian charism through active participation in professional, socio-civic, religious and charitable organizations.
  4. Demonstrate the traits of a maturing Christian in the professional life.


  • Dr. Ruben M. Nayve Jr.
  • Ms. Marissa S. Babilonia
    Chairperson, Accountancy Department
  • Mr. Michael M. Valdez
    Chairperson, Customs Administration Department
  • Dr. Emily B. Baluyot
    Chairperson, Finance and Economics Department
  • Dr. Rodelo T. Salburo
    Chairperson, Hospitality Management
  • Dr. Amy C. Daraway
    Chairperson, Management and Marketing Department