College of Architecture

The College of Architecture offers the Bachelor of science in Architecture, which is a five-year degree program. Within the context of the University Mission Statement and Objectives, the program provides for the academic challenge of preparing students for the building of new structures and conserving the old ones to renew and update the physical environment and improve the quality of human life.

The curriculum is ladder type and is designed to provide a disciplined approach to critical analysis, problem solving, decision making, and work methods based on acquiring the significant knowledge and skills of the profession. The first three years put emphasis on providing opportunities for the students to draw with a sense of quality and technical expertise, develop visual perception, understand construction as a means of communication of principles, and the analysis of functions as means of arriving at a rational architecture. Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements of the University and of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the students obtain a Certificate in Building Technology.

The last two years are used to plan actual projects and explore the more detailed spatial and visual considerations and to gain knowledge in computer science as applied to Architecture. These projects develop the student's understanding of the various aspects of the architect's professional role. Special emphasis is given on the importance of research as evidenced by the thesis requirement for the course. Additionally, the knowledge and understanding of the ethical guidelines of the profession is a significant component of the program.

This academic background is enhanced by membership in related professional organizations, field trips, conferences, and other forums.


  • Ar. Sylvester Shaun D. Seño