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Former Computer Science Chairperson Mr. Rizaldy Rapsing originally proposed the offering of B.S. Information Technology (BSIT), B.S. Information Management (BSIM) and Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) programs. He envisioned that Adamson University can produce graduates ready to function in information technology positions with the competencies, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in the workplace. This vision came into reality when the Commission on Higher Education authorized Adamson University to offer and conduct BSIT, BSIM and ACT programs in summer of 2003. The first batch of BSIT was eight sections, one section for BSIM and another one section for ACT. The department is headed by Prof. Carmela L. Malong-Racelis as the appointed chairperson and the first batch of professors were Prof. Ms. Melany Sindayen and Prof. Marvi Aresta.


A College dedicated in developing Christian professionals with solid foundation in the fields of Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Management, Information Technology, Mathematics, Natural Science, Psychology and Physics.


• To provide graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in their major field of specialization

• To develop quality graduates who will be globally competitive in their chosen field

• To prepare graduates for entry to industry, research and entrepreneurship


• To offer courses which will provide solid foundation in the Sciences particularly in Mathematics, Chemistry, natural Sciences, Psychology, Computer Science, Information Management and Information Technology

• To provide adequate coverage of major fields of specialization

• To qualify a student for career in his chosen field of specialization as well as entry into advance studies in Sciences

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